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Looking For An Opportunity To Be Your Own Boss?

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Snap Delivered.
Independent Business Owner

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∙ Build and manage your own team 

∙ Multiple ways to earn money

∙Earn when you recruit restaurants, new managers, drivers and customers 

∙You also earn on your team's growth and productivity

∙ Restaurants will want to be involved because you will be saving them $$$

∙ Access to specialized tools and training to help you succeed 

∙ Exclusive Snap marketing materials, coaching and support

∙ Unlimited income potential and residual income

∙ Build generational wealth

How it Works:

  1. Customer orders on the Snap app. Payment is processed.
  2. Order is confirmed.
  3. Restaurant prepares food.
  4. Driver picks up order & delivers it to the customer.
  5. Payment processed for driver and restaurant.
  6. You receive monthly commission checks!

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About Snap Delivered:

Snap Delivered launched in June 2021 in Palm Beach County, FL & is
poised for expansion across the U.S. & Canada by January 2022.

We allow hungry people to order online quickly & conveniently for delivery and takeout from their favorite restaurants.

We offer an easy to use order management system to bring you orders from new & existing customers.

Disrupting the Food Delivery Industry

Industry disruptors are key players in making waves in revolutionizing the future of a product or service. Look how Apple completely changed the way consumers use mobile phones, and how we listen to music. Amazon revolutionized the way we shop online. Now it's time for a new name in the food delivery business. Snap Delivered will revolutionize the way the delivery business is done, with the consumer, restaurant, and driver in mind.

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Order Your Customized Recruiting Video

Having promotional material to share on digital mediums gives our affiliate partners an exciting edge into sharing engaging and exciting content with new restaurant merchant partners. Share a promotional video with your own name recorded by a professional radio host and compiled together with fun and dynamic graphics. This video will be sure to call anyone's attention and get people excited about the Snap Delivered movement.

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You can download files you will need to run your Snap Delivered business until we have everything in our back office!

Join the ever growing Snap Delivered Community

Check out who we are, what we do as a company, and how you can benefit financially by joining the Snap Delivered family. We go over the statistics on the growth of this industry and how we will disrupt the industry.

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